The Art of Sacred Sound

The Art of Sacred Sound, a 4 day sound healing retreat filled with practices and wisdom
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The Art of Sacred Sound 4 Day Sound Healers TRAINING Healing Ourselves, the Earth, and Each Other With, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD For Personal, Professional, and Planetary Healing This program is a live recording of our 4 day practice at Omega Institute, in Sept, 2010. It is produced as recorded without editing. It is offered in an MP3 format in a 4 CD Set.

Take Sacred Chant and toning to the next level! Experience the healing power of Sacred Sound, giving voice to higher states of consciousness. Sacred Sound is as old as life itself, defining the nature of who we are as vibrational beings. Many spiritual traditions state that Sacred Sound is the very nature of Creation, of how the world is brought into manifestation.

When we attune to our own nature, and voice this in resonance with clarity, trust, and intention, we align, in harmony, with All Life. We feel connected, inspired, whole, healed. We can use these sounds to explore even deeper states of being. Sacred Sound opens doorways to greater awareness, intuition, and universal wisdom.

We will experience Sacred Sound through a variety of chanting, toning, and esoteric practices, including connecting to the natural world. These techniques have proven to be most powerful, beneficial and effective, and have been incorporated into healing practices of all kinds. It includes sound practices for personal and professional therapeutic healing, as well as for world service.

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