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Northwest Bear Design

Northwest Bear Design, handpainted shamanic drums by Dorothy Stone
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This hand-painted drum features a traditional Northwestern Bear design.  Bear symbolizes the Sacred Feminine, as well as the ally for the power and strength we utilize to 'peer within.'   To peer within the 'den' of our emotions and inner psyche that hold the subconscious aspects of our motivations and desires.  Bear brings forward the strength to resolve these issues discovered, with the power of compassion.   Painted here on a 16" Remo Buffalo Drum, you may add this design to your cart to be painted on any other drum of your choice, including Sunreed's Native American Drums, REMO Buffalo Drums, and Shaman Drums.  This design can be painted with either a red or black border.  (You can tell us your choice in "special instructions" box during checkout.)  Please select your drum, beater, and accessories here.