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The Shamanic Drumming: Calling The Spirits

The Shamanic Drumming: Calling The Spirits for an introduction to journey drumming, shamanic drumming
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From the author:

In Shamanic Drumming: Calling the Spirits, I describe my journey into shamanic practice and explore why humanity's most ancient healing technology has achieved a dramatic modern resurgence. Recent studies by some of the world's foremost scholars on shamanism reveal that the contemporary world still hungers for transcendent experiences because the shamanic narrative is hard-wired in us all. Study results demonstrate that the cross-cultural manifestations of shamanism and its contemporary appeal are rooted in innate functions of the brain, mind, and consciousness.

The revival of shamanism can, in large part, be attributed to the fact that shamanic drumming offers a relatively easy means of controlled transcendence. This drum method uses a repetitive rhythm that begins slowly and then gradually builds in intensity to a tempo of three to seven beats per second. The ascending tempo will induce light to deep trance states, and facilitate the shamanic techniques of journeying, shapeshifting, and soul retrieval. Practitioners may progress through a range of ecstatic trance states until they reach the level that is necessary for healing to occur. When ready to exit the trance state, the practitioner simply slows the tempo of drumming, drawing consciousness back to normal. Shamanic drumming continues to offer today what it has offered for thousands of years: namely, a simple and effective technique of ecstasy.