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Drum Beaters/Drum Sticks/Drum Mallets

Drum Beaters/Drum Sticks/Drum Mallets
Sunreed's special made soft beater
Sunreed Special Soft Beater
Priced From: $24.00
Sunreed's special made hard beater
Sunreed Special Hard Beater
Priced From: $24.00
Navajo Native American Drum Beater, native drum stick made by navajo drum maker
Navajo Native American Drum Beater
Price: $26.00
Native American traditional drum beater for frame drums and shaman drums.
Northwest Native American Drum Beater Plain
Price: $16.00
Fringed fancy drum beaters for Native American drums, frame drums, shaman drums.
Northwest Native American Drum Beater Fringed
Price: $26.00
Drum Beater with Jingle Cones, an authentic native american drum beater with rattling jingle cones on the end
Drum Beater with Jingle Cones
Price: $35.00
Magnificently crafted these drum beaters are wrapped with suede on both the heads and handles for maximum grip and comfort.
Cree Rattle Beater
Priced From: $40.00