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Luna Octave Tuning Fork Set

Luna Octave Tuning Fork Set, the hertz value of the moon.
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LUNA SET includes Mid and Low Luna Tuning Forks, one octave apart. 

These are currently our favorite set of weighted forks.  Combined with the Ohm fork, or Ohm Set, they make an incredible set of rich harmonics.

Beautifully packaged, packaging card opens to 8 panels of detailed instructions for use, including photos. Experience the moon’s vibrational frequency and Sound Healing properties!   Fans of the Ohm Tuning Forks will welcome this new addition to explore new tuning fork applications for health and wellness.

For more advanced treatment application, combine Luna with the Mid and Low Ohm Tuning forks to create the musical interval of the Planetary 5th!

It is widely accepted that the Moon rules the water element. Our bodies are primarily water and are naturally responsive to lunar influences. Tune in to the moon’s vibrational frequency with the Luna set.