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Low Ohm Tuning Fork

Low Ohm Tuning Fork, tuning fork resonating an octave below ohm for deep use on the body
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The Low Ohm Tuning Fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality with lovely overtones when activated, and is an excellent choice for working on the body, especially the lower body, as it is particularly grounding. Use alone or with the Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork to create an Ohm Octave, a beautiful healing music interval.

The Ohm tone is an excellent choice for those interested in Sound Healing, and is the chosen tone used by seasoned Sound Healers. The sound vibration of Ohm is calming, grounding and energizing. Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks has many benefits: it can enhance breathing, relieve body tension, assist in meditation and pain management, and help facilitate yoga poses.

Made in the USA from space grade aluminum, fully guaranteed to stay in tune. TUNE IN TO OHM!