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Sidereal Day

meinl planetary chime, sidereal day
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These planetary chimes are clear, clean tones that sustain for 10-15 seconds. Please read more about the specifics of this chime below.


Duration of one exact earth-rotation around its axis, measured from a fixed-star-position. (~ 23h 56 min.)

Position to sun:

3rd planet

Rotation in days:


Rotation in hours:

23h 56 min.

Rotation in seconds:


Frequency calculation:

1/86164.09054 sec. = 0.0000116 Hz 
(0.0000116 Hz x 2) 223 = 194.71 Hz


194.71 Hz (= 24. Octave)



Shifted 440 Hz standard-pitch:

A4/a' → 437.11 Hz