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Harmony Ball Pendants

Harmony Ball Pendants, small necklace chime, for sound healing on the go!
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Smaller than the Harmony Sphere, these are 25mm in diameter (about the size of a grape or a nickel). A 36” black satin cord is included, to make a great necklace for making soft angelic sounds anywhere! Sound healing on the go!

Great Gifts!!

Sunreed Meditation Tips!

Imagination is a powerful tool to create the potential for desired effect or outcome!! For a meditation, wave them softly around your head, ears, body, and auric field, or that of your client. Imagine they are 'sweeping the field,' or 'entraining' the field to higher, clearer states, or vibrations. Use your intention and imagination to affect a 'felt' outcome in your practice. Breath with the sound of the ball as it jingles around you. You will feel an uplifting that matches your intention and imagination as the ball moves around you.