Chimes and Tibetan Bells

Quality Tibetan Bells and Chimes: Ghanta and Vajra, Tibetan Shangs, Bon bells, Bell and Dorjes and Tingshas
Binaural Chimes
Price: $60.00
Tibetan Tingshas, classic Tibetan tool for meditation
Tibetan Tingshas
5 Products
Quartz Crystal Harp, playing in the key of C, harmoniously in the 5th octave
Crystal Harp
Priced From: $599.98
Koshi Chime Set, full set of wind chimes, for relaxation and sound healing
Koshi Chimes
Priced From: $74.95
Tibetan Bell and Dorges
Tibetan Bell and Dorges
7 Products
Harmony Balls
Harmony Balls
4 Products
Three bells that sing harmonically together, in a higher tone, like little angels singing in harmony
Angel Bells
Price: $18.00
Classic Tibetan temple bells, bell bons, or shangs
Temple Bells / Bon Bells / Shangs
2 Products
Wah-Wah tubes, called Zen Tubes, are made from anodized aluminum for a clear and lasting sustain.
Zen Tubes
Priced From: $59.98
this chime gift set includes our harmony ball chimes and koshi chimes
Chime Gift Set
Priced From: $160.00
Harmony Balls Gift Set, small hand held chime for sound healing
Harmony Balls Gift Set
Price: $106.00
Five hanging bells that sing harmonically together in beautiful tones....wind chimes with a sweet & calming presence.
Hanging Bells
Price: $18.00
Awakening Bell, meditation singing bell with clear resonance designed by john beaulieu
Awakening Bell
Price: $129.00