Handmade Rattles
Below are exceptional, hand painted rattles hand made by a Native maker living in the South West, made in a plains style. Each one has beautifully full and rich voices, just for what you would hope for.
Hand-Painted Native American Rattles
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tuned rattles for harmonic resonance
Harmonic Tuned Rattles
Price: $60.00
Handmade Nativer American rattles/shakers, also known as Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles
Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles
Priced From: $62.00
Peruvian Rattles
Peruvian Rattles
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Turtle Shell Rattles, native american rattle with turtle shell and animal fur, for meditation and prayer
Turtle Shell Rattles
Priced From: $95.00
Shell Rattle, beautiful and simple shamanic rattle for prayer, meditation and ritual
Shell Rattle
Price: $30.00
classic rawhide rattles, simple in design and powerful in sound
Classic Rawhide Rattles
Priced From: $35.00
Rawhide rattle, with a dream catcher in it.
Dream Catcher Rattles
Price: $60.00
Four Directions Shamans Rattle
Four Directions Shamans Rattle
Price: $60.00
Authentic Hopi Native American Rattle, antique with soft voice
Antique Hopi Rattle
Price: $110.00
ohm wand a classic wind singer
Ohm Wand
Price: $30.00
Peruvian Seed Rattle, shamanic rattle for ceremony and prayer
Peruvian Seed Rattle
Price: $19.00
beautiful handpainted peruvian maracas
Handpainted Peruvian Maracas
Price: $25.00
Husk Shakers
Husk Shakers
Price: $30.00
Small Peruvian Gourd Rattle
Small Peruvian Gourd Rattle
Price: $12.00
this rattle gift set includes three types of shamanic rattles
Rattle Gift Set
Price: $120.00