Incremental Perfect Pitch Handle Bowl Set

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Incremental Perfect Pitch Handle Bowl Set: Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Handle Bowl Chakra Set
Incremental Perfect Pitch Handle Bowl Set: Incremental Perfect Pitch Handle Bowl Set

This set is a perfect pitch handle bowl set, in either 440hz or 432hz tuning. Please choose which you would like.Because the bowls are all perfect pitch and incremental, the bowls will ascend the major scale perfectly singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti. When you get a set like this, you are able to now play different perfect harmonies, such as the perfect third or perfect fifth. In this set you will receive 7 bowls ranging from 8-5 inches in diameter - C (lowest), D, E, F, G, A, B (highest). These bowls are all in the fourth or middle octave. With each bowl you will receive a striker.

If you are interested in a chakra set with lower toned handle bowls, please go back one page and see the 3rd octave set on our handle bowl page. Or, see the 3rd octave sets on our clear bowl page.

On 440hz vs 432hz tuning: 440hz tuning is the standard measure for tuning in most of the world. It means that the middle A note resonates at 440hz, and all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to middle A being 440hz. We can also get these bowls in perfect pitch 432hz. 432hz tuning is where you flattened middle A from 440hz to 432hz, and tune all the other notes in relationship to middle A resonating at 432hz. This gives all the notes a deeper richer tone that is thought by many to be more relaxing.