How to Play a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

How to Play a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl
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How to play the crystal singing bowl

This is a simple guide for playing the crystal singing bowl, and includes some simple but powerful meditations. Please review it, and email us at or call us 802-674-9585 if you have any questions.

To play the frosted, clear or handle crystal singing bowl, hold the striker vertical to the rim of the bowl, and softly strike the side of the bowl. This will get the bowl to vibrate, which makes it easier to play. With the striker still vertical to the rim, place gently on the rim and maneuver the striker with an even pressure around the rim of the bowl. You don’t need to maneuver the striker quickly, and it is actually more affective and more meditative to move the striker slowly. Every bowl is different and requires a different speed to play well. If you press the striker hard against the side of the bowl as you play it, the bowl may sing too loudly, and if you press the striker not hard enough, the bowl will not play. If the bowl is barely singing when you are playing it, press the striker harder against the rim of the bowl and move the striker faster around the rim. If the sound of the bowl begins to distort, then you are playing the bowl too loudly, and you should relieve pressure against the bowl and slow down. With practice you will find the right speed and pressure to make the bowl sing at the volume you desire.

Playing handle bowls and clear bowls are more difficult then frosted bowls. In my experience, having the striker as vertical as possible to the side of the bowl is ideal, as it creates the most surface area when maneuvering the striker around the rim. You don’t want the striker to be flat against the side of the bowl. There needs to be a slight angle so the striker is only in contact to the rim, though in my experience the more parallel the striker is with the outside of the bowl the better.

Meditating with the crystal singing bowl is simple. Use the sound of the crystal bowl to aid you in concentrating. While you are slowly singing the bowl, just breath in and out and listen in to the sound. While you breath, let your out-breath aid you in relaxing. With each out breath, drop your shoulders and relax your chest, and any other places in your body you feel like you are holding on tight. With the sound as your aid, doing this practice for just 10 minutes will leave you feeling centered and relaxed, and will allow you to become aware of what you thinking of and holding onto, leading into deeper psychological work.

The sound of the bowl will also amplify your intentions. While in a state of relaxed focus with the sound, bring to mind a loved one, or some thought that will inspire gratitude in you, perhaps thinking about the earth or a deity. Send to this loved one the intention of love and thankfulness. Recognize any feelings of opening you may have in your chest, and allow that to occur. You will find that, with the sound of the bowl, this intention of gratitude you have formed will have a greater expansiveness in your body and mind. The feeling may penetrate your entire being, exposing an experience of great inner brilliance. With sound as your aid, this practice need only take 10 minutes to do.

If you have done the first two, try this meditation to sink a little deeper. While playing the bowl, bring your attention to the space of your chest and attend to a felt sense of space. If you have trouble locating a sense of space, bring to mind a clear blue sky, and bring that into your heart space. Let the felt sense of space pervade outward from your heart space slowly as you play the bowl. Allow it to enter the rest of your experience until you experience a unity with space itself, a direct recognition of presence.

There are too many meditations you can do with a crystal singing bowl to speak of here or in any single book. The sound of the crystal bowl is a magnifier and concentrator, and can aid you in any meditation you are doing. Bring brilliance to the bowl, and the bowl will reflect brilliance back to you. Jonathan Wood Sunreed Instruments 802-674-9585