SUPERGRADE Clear Crystal Bowls

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This is a one of a kind offer from Sunreed Instruments, two very special high grade clear bowls.

The first is a 3rd octave A, 10" wide by nearly 12" deep.

The second is a 3rd octave F, 12" wide by 12.5" deep. 

The bowls are not tuned perfectly together, but play very well together, and we would confidently offer them as a set, or you can purchase them individually. The F bowl is the largest clear bowl we have ever seen. Both bowls are thick clear bowls, nearly a quarter of an inch thick.

The rich, deep voice of these bowls are exquisite, and rare. 

For more information on these bowls please give us a call 802-674-9585 or email us at

The bowls include black cases, which are not pictured. As well they include o-rings and appropriate strikers.


SUPERGRADE F sound file
SUPERGRADE A sound file