How to Choose a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

How to Choose a Crystal Singing Bowl, a frosted, clear or handle bowl
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Buying a quartz crystal singing bowl, whether it is frosted, clear or a handle bowl, is not a simple process. One reason is that much of the information on crystal singing bowls out there is misleading. The other is, how do you pick which pitch you would like, and which size? This page is a support to help you choose which crystal bowl is right for you. Please read through it once before you make your purchase. It will illuminate many things about crystal bowls. If you would like to speak to us, please give us a call 802-674-9585 or email us for personalized support. Our goal is to provide for you the right crystal bowl, with the right size, note and cent value. 

Crystal Bowls and Chakras

There is no need to buy crystal singing bowls according to chakras. There is no long standing historical evidence from any mystical tradition to show that the C major scale (C-D-E-F-G-A-B) relates to the chakras. The Tibetans even use a different combination of notes when they pair sound with the chakra system. We believe that using a chakra set can be useful as a tool to focus from the lower chakras up to the higher chakras, however it is not necessary to get a root chakra bowl to work on the root chakra, or a crown chakra bowl to work on the crown chakra. You can use any sound to work on any chakra. What is important when working on the chakras is the quality of your own intention and awareness rather than the tone itself. We would recommend buying a crystal bowl you like the sound of, over a crystal bowl that relates to a certain chakra. You will get more long lasting use out of a bowl you really like to hear. 

So What Should I Buy?

We recommend buying the crystal bowl you like the sound of. We believe you will get much more lasting satisfaction listening to and meditating with a sound you like rather than a sound you think you’re supposed to listen to. To make a selection, you can listen to 2 octaves of sound files here. We also have sound files for the majority of the crystal bowls we offer. You can also listen to each of our frosted crystal bowls here, each of our clear crystal bowls here, and each of our handle crystal bowls here.

If you want to buy more than one crystal singing bowl, we recommend buying a harmonic set. This would be 2-5 crystal singing bowls that are all in harmonic relationship with each other, such as a C, E and G combination. Humans have studied the harmonic relationships between sounds for thousands of years, and there is documented evidence that harmonic relationships help to relax the body and mind. The perfect fifth for example, is known across the world as a purely uplifting and pleasurable interval. You can view our harmonic crystal singing bowl sets here. We can also create a harmonic set based off of any one bowl of your choosing, so if you wanted a custom harmonic set just let us know what one sound you really like from our sound files, and we will be happy to put together a harmonic set for you. You can email us at or call us 802-674-9585.

view our harmonic sets


What is Cent Value?

What does it mean when the bowl says -20 or +30? Click the link to find out.


What about a chakra set?

If you did want to buy a chakra set, you need to make sure that the set is truly incremental, meaning all the bowls are tuned perfectly to each other. Otherwise you will receive what is akin to an out of tune piano, or a piano where the keys are all out of place. We only sell chakra sets that are perfectly in tune with each other for this reason. With a chakra set you will receive a C major scale – Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. We recommend getting a 8 bowl set, because this will finish off the octave with a final Do – meaning, Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-DO. This adds a sense of completion to the set. Chakra sets are wonderful because the major scale is wonderful to play with. It is worldwide the most popular scale, alongside of the minor pentatonic which we also sell sets in. Worldwide, people recognize these notes, and there are great harmonies that can be made from it. If you would like to work with the 7 chakras, and feel like having a different note for each chakra is a good guide for your meditation, then a chakra set may be right for you. But you do not need a full chakra set to work with the chakras, as discussed above. Lastly, the chakra set does not need to be in the key of C (C-D-E-F-G-A-B). We can make the progression of do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti starting with any note, so if you like the 3rd octave B note the best for example, it may be worthwhile for you to contact us so we can let you listen to a chakra set that starts in the 3rd octave B note. – 802-674-9585

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Frosted vs Clear vs Handle Bowls?

There are generally three major types of crystal singing bowls: Frosted, Clear and Handle Bowls. Frosted bowls are white, and are rough on the outside. They have the thickest walls out of any of the bowls, so they can hold the most vibration. Because of this frosted bowls are generally the loudest and most vibrant option you can choose. If you would like to play crystal bowls for a room full of people, frosted bowls will give them a full-bodied experience of sound. Clear bowls are clear and smaller than frosted bowls. Clear bowls generally give off two tones when struck, playing a prominent note and then a higher harmonic, around an 11th above. When you sing the bowl, just the prominent note comes through. Clear bowls are not as loud as frosted bowls as they have smaller walls, however, they have a much longer sustain and a clearer tone. If you are playing bowls personally, clear bowls would be a great option for you. We suggest buying a clear bowl that is at least 8 inches in diameter, as smaller clear bowls can be difficult to play. Handle Bowls are basically a clear bowl with a handle on the end of them. Because there is handle on them, you can play them while moving, standing up, or sitting in a comfortable chair. You can also move them across people’s bodies to work on specific locations on their body. Also, because the bowl is stable in your hand, the handle bowls are much louder and easier to play than clear bowls. The only downside to a handle bowl is that you can’t play more than one at a time, because you have to use on of your hands to hold the bowl. We have found value in handle bowls of all sizes, but especially enjoy them 7 inches or larger.

What is a good size for a frosted crystal bowl? Large vs Small Frosted Bowls?

Frosted bowls come between 6 inches and 28 inches. We generally sell 8 to 18 inch sizes, though have other sizes available. Different sized bowls have different properties. Not all tones are possible in all sizes. See the table below for a general outline of how sizes and tones work.


3rd octave C - 16” bowl and larger

3rd octave D – 16” bowl and larger

3rd octave E – 16” bowl and larger

3rd octave F – 16” Bowl and larger

3rd octave G – 14” Bowl and larger

3rd octave A – 12” Bowl and larger

3rd octave B – 11” Bowl and larger

4th octave C – 14” bowl and smaller

4th octave D – 14” bowl and smaller

4th octave E – 13” bowl and smaller

4th octave F – 13” bowl and smaller

4th octave G – 12” bowl and smaller

4th octave A – 10” bowl and smaller

4th octave B – 9” bowl and smaller

5th octave C – 8” bowl and smaller


There are exceptions to this size guideline. Sometimes you’ll find a bowl that does not fit in it, but generally this is how the pitch of different sized bowls work. You won’t find a 3rd octave G tone in a 10 inch bowl. It just isn’t possible. You also won’t find a 4th octave C tone in a 18” bowl. It isn’t possible. There are restrictions for the size of bowl you will get if you want a specific pitch.

Many people only want large bowls because of the strength of their sound. Large bowls produce a large volume with a large amount of vibration. They are also easy to make sing, and easy to meditate too because of this. Many people however, who are sensitive to loud sounds, can’t handle the larger bowls. When playing for a group, you’ll need to be mindful of this in how loudly you are playing the bowl. Another thing to consider with larger bowls is that, past 16 inches it may be difficult for you to get your arm comfortably around the bowl to make it sing. This may be a distraction to your meditation, or something you will need to just get used to.  Lastly, it is difficult to get many large crystal bowls around you so you can play them all at the same time. If you would like to play multiple bowls to make harmonies, it is much easier to do this with 10-12 inch bowls, which still produce a good volume.

There is a difference between a 10 and a 9-8 inch bowl. Once you get below 10 inches you get a general decrease in both volume and ease in playing the bowls. I personally like 8 inch bowls, but they do have much less of a sustain, and can take some getting used to. Generally, the most popular bowls are between 10-14 inches. In this range you will be getting a good sound, a good amount of vibration, and the bowl won’t be too big or too heavy for you to carry around and work with.

What Bowl Do We Recommend Starting With?

If you have listened to the sound files, and don't know what bowl you would like, we recommend either a frosted bowl in the key of C or D, or a handle bowl in the key of C or D. These are lower tones that people generally enjoy, and also with the pitch you will get a good sized bowl - 11-14 inches for frosted, and 7-8 inches for handle. These sizes are dependably good sizes for bowls to deliver a good sized volume, and are generally easy to play.

Our Discounted Line Of Crystal Bowls

We offer a discounted line of crystal bowls. This is the same quality, though just offered at a reduced rate. These are our Special Select Bowls. We take care to only offer these in perfect pitch 440hz and perfect pitch 432hz. If you are interested in these, the links to them are below.

Special Select 440hz Frosted Bowls

Special Select 432hz Frosted Bowls

Special Select Handle Bowls

Special Select Clear Bowls


What does -30 or +20 cents means? What is Cent Value?

What is 432hz Tuning?

What is 440hz Tuning?

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