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11" D, 10" G and 8" D handle bowl: Loading... Loading...
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Special Select Clear Bowl Sets: Special Select Clear Harmonic Sets
Special Select Clear Bowl Sets: Special Select Clear Harmonic Sets


Generally, clear quartz crystal singing bowls have a clearer and richer resonance then frosted bowls, and have a much longer sustain then frosted bowl. Don't let the size of the bowls fool you, these are high quality products. Each of these sets has been made because they will create rich harmonies or binaurals that will enhance your meditation. They truly create beautiful sounds.

Here are the Clear Bowl Sets we are offering


11" D, 10" G, 8" D handle bowl with handle bowl box set (set includes both pillows, 2-o-rings, 1 handle bowl box and 3 strikers):


440h and 432hz Tuning: 440hz tuning is the standard tuning for instruments in the United States, in Europe and much else of the world. It means that the middle A note resonates just at 440hz, and all the other notes are tuned in relationship to A being 440hz. So, if you see a D, or G, or B on these listings, for example, we are not saying that those notes resonate to 440hz. Those notes are perfectly "in tune" to middle A being 440hz, so the bowls are perfectly in tune to classical standards of tuning instruments. 432hz tuning is if you take the middle A, and flatten it by 8hz and tune all the other notes in relationship to that. Many believe this gives the bowl special properties, though in our experience, we can just say it is a relaxing experience, where most of the sharpness has been taken out of the note.