Native American and Shamanic Drums

Wide selection of high-quality hand-crafted Native Frame Drums,Indian drums, American Indian Drums, Drums for Children and Kids, Pow Wow, Shaman, and Medicine Drums. Also drum bags, books, and drum beaters.
Beautiful Native American drums, traditional and handmade in the United States.  Made in ceremony with sacred prayers.
Native American Frame Drums
Priced From: $60.00
Extraordinary, beautiful, extremely well crafted Navajo Native American drums, traditional and handmade in the United States.  Made in the traditional way, by a tribal member, in ceremony, with sacred prayer.
Navajo Antler NA Frame Drums
Priced From: $300.00
well made traditional style of European peg drum with traditional style mallet beater with rabbit fur.
NEW! Reindeer European-style Shamanic Pegged Drum w/ Rabbit Fur Beater
Price: $270.00
Unique hand made Deer Hide drums.  The maker has special relationship with each drum and pattern he ties in traditional manner.
Special Deer Drums
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Our special Native American Drum Gift Set, includes a Native American frame drum, beater, case and more.
Native American Drum Gift Set
Priced From: $264.60
shamanic gift set with native american drum, beaters, rattles and more
Shamanic Gift Sets
Priced From: $257.40
Pick a drum beater, drum stick or mallet for your drum!
Drum Beaters/Drum Sticks/Drum Mallets
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a video on how to select a Native American drum, by master sound healer Zacciah Blackburn
Video: How To Select A Native American Drum
Priced From: $60.00
Select one of our fine Drum Bags or Carrying Cases to protect or travel with your drum!
Drum Bags/Carrying Cases
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hand painted native american drums, remo drums and other frame drums, by talented artist Dorothy Stone
Dorothy Stone's Painted Drums
7 Products
Other Shamanic Frame Drums
Other Shamanic Frame Drums
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8-sided cedar medicine drums, made in Elk, made to last a lifetime
Mountain Spirit Medicine Drums
Priced From: $315.00
Sunreed's Native American Drum Kits, make your own native american drum, with simple instructions
Sunreed's Native American Drum Kits
Priced From: $90.00
Pow Wow Native American Drums
Pow Wow Native American Drums
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Sweat Lodge Drum, traditionally made Native American drum for sweat lodges
Sunreed's Sweat Lodge Drum
Price: $229.00
Drumming Books
Drumming Books
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Drum Awakening Ceremony
Drum Awakening Ceremony