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Here it is! The 8 bowl 432hz or 440hz clear bowl set. The bowls are in the 3rd octave, which is the octave below what a normal chakra set consists of. Because of this, the bowls are larger, louder, deeper and richer then a normal clear bowl chakra set. Clear bowls can also be considered to be chorus bowls, because they create a beautiful harmonic chorus together when played, of a much different character then frosted bowls. These bowls also have a longer lasting sustain then frosted bowls, so they can be struck and sung, while frosted are better just being sung. The richness of these tones is apparent in the video, especially that of the 3rd octave C. We have set the price of these bowls at two thousand dollars below retail, and the sets are ready to order. If you would like to learn more, watch the video of the 432hz set below.

What Are 440hz Sets?

440hz is the standard for tuning instruments internationally. What this means is that the A note in your chakra set rings right at 440hz, and all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to that A being 440hz, so that the set perfectly tones to do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.

What Are 432hz Sets?

432hz tuning is if you flatten the A note in the set to ring at 432hz instead of 440hz, and then all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to that A being 432hz so that the set tones incrementally and perfectly to do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.

What Are The Bowl Sizes?

The bowls are roughly the following sizes, but each set is made to order and may vary by .25 inches:

9" C

8.5" D

8" E

7.5" F

7.75" G

7.25" A

7" B

7" C