Bear Drums

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Rare, special Bear Skin drums.

The Medicine of Bear cannot be compared.  Bear is a powerful ally, bringing strength, courage, and wisdom.  Bear represents the Divine Mother, and has the power to fiercely protect the innocent, as well as the wisdom of the teachings.  Bear most often resides in the gateway of the West, and is the gatekeeper for the "Looks Within Place," where we journey and observe our inner treasures, longings, and shadows, for deepening our understanding of self, and our relationship to the Cosmos.

These drum are handmade in Vermont. Even the frame has been handmade. The dedication and passion that is shown in the making and tying of these drums is self-evident. We are truly honored to be able to provide this makers work.

Drum 1 - 16" Diameter - Lightweight but with a great voice!

Drum 2 - 16-17" Diameter - Has a TALL Frame

Drum 3 - 18-19" Diameter - Includes the tail of the bear

These cannot be shipped to some states in the US, and will not be shipped internationally.

Do you need help choosing a drum? 

Please see Master Sound Healer and Shamanic Teacher, Zacciah Blackburn, demonstrate our different drums on this video.  Call after you have watched, if you have further question