Native American Style Flutes

Native American Style Flutes
Deluxe Native American Style 5 Hole Flute
Deluxe Native American Style Flute
Priced From: $155.00
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Native American Style Love Flutes
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Bamboo Native American Style Flutes, handmade in Vermont by a master flutemaker
Bamboo Native American Style Flutes
Priced From: $50.00
Native American Flute Songbooks and Instruction Manuals
Native American Flute Songbooks and Instruction Manuals
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Native American Style Flute Gift Set including a Native American style flute, book and case
Native American style Flute Gift Set
Priced From: $136.75
Ranging from 18 to 78 inches these flute bags come in various gorgeous styles and fabrics in order to protect your applicable instrument of choice.
Flute Bags
Priced From: $14.00
Crafted to perfection this deer hide leather flute bag is corded and intertwined with its own material with a fine cut antler clasp along with a fine leather strip serving as a shoulder strap.
18'' Deer Hide Flute Bag
Price: $49.00
Cloth Flutebags
Cloth Flute bags
Priced From: $14.00