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Love Deer Drums 18 inches

Wonderfully crafted this hand made wooden frame drum is carefully covered by a fine deer hide, and tightly restrained by a unique sinew lattice.
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Love Deer Drums 18 inches: 18 inch 1
Love Deer Drums 18 inches: 18 inch 1

These deer drums are handmade from start to finish. They are made by the same maker as a bear drums, and are his "work of love" so we are calling them love deer drums. The drums have been made from start to finish by him, from the drum hoop to the deer rawhide, each part of the process has gone through him. The result are the best deer drums we have offered. If you are interested in deer as the animal of choice, these would be the deer drums we would recommend. While deer is usually known for being highly affected by the humidity, these drums have maintained their tone throughout the Vermont summer without us needing to dry them at all. They all have nice deep tones, even the smaller 15 inch drum. We recommend buying one of these with our sunreed soft beaters or bear fur beaters for the best tone.

This particular deer drum is 18 inches.