Other Shamanic Frame Drums

Other Shamanic Frame Drums
Sunreed's inexpensive Shaman Drum an alternative to the Native American frame drum.
Shaman Drums
Priced From: $30.00
Remo Buffalo Native American Style Drum. fabulous Frame Drums for shamans, drum circle, healing, and music.
All REMO Buffalo Drums
Priced From: $65.00
A new, deeper, richer voiced small drum: Remo Native American Style Black Bahia Drum, perfect for ritual and ceremony
Remo Black Bahia Earth Drum
Price: $90.00
DOBANI Pretuned Goatskin Head Wood Frame Drum with Beater 18-by-2-Inch Circle of Life
Flower of Life 18'' Drum
Price: $80.00
REMO Sound Comfort Technology drums, Buffalo drums with signature sound comfort technology drumhead for deep relaxing tone.
REMO Sound Comfort Technology
Priced From: $90.00