Native American and Shamanic Drums

Hand-Crafted Native American and Shaman Drums
Beautiful Native American drums, traditional and handmade in the United States.  Made in ceremony with sacred prayers.
Native American Frame Drums
Priced From: $60.00
Extraordinary, beautiful, extremely well crafted Navajo Native American drums, traditional and handmade in the United States.  Made in the traditional way, by a tribal member, in ceremony, with sacred prayer.
Navajo Antler NA Frame Drums
Priced From: $175.00
8-sided cedar medicine drums, made in Elk, made to last a lifetime
Mountain Spirit Medicine Drums
Priced From: $235.00
Native American Drum Gift Set, including a native american frame drum, beater, case and more.
Native American Special Drum Gift Set
Priced From: $250.20
Drum Awakening Ceremony
Drum Awakening Ceremony
Drum Beaters, Books, handmade drum sticks for your native american drum and more
Drum Beaters and Books
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hand painted native american drums, remo drums and other frame drums, by talented artist Dorothy Stone
Dorothy Stone's Painted Drums
7 Products
Drum Bags and Drum Carrying Cases
Drum Bags/Carrying Cases
3 Category
Other Shamanic Frame Drums
Other Shamanic Frame Drums
8 Category
Sunreed's Native American Drum Kits, make your own native american drum, with simple instructions
Sunreed's Native American Drum Kits
Priced From: $90.00
a video on how to select a Native American drum, by master sound healer Zacciah Blackburn
Video: How To Select A Native American Drum
Priced From: $60.00
Pow Wow Native American Drums
Pow Wow Native American Drums
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shamanic gift set with native american drum, beaters, rattles and more
Shamanic Gift Sets
Priced From: $257.40
Sweat Lodge Drum, traditionally made Native American drum for sweat lodges
Sunreed's Sweat Lodge Drum
Price: $229.00