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Statement Of Purpose

I have developed these programs solely for the enjoyment and discovery of the children in our communities. I come to share with the children the beauty, history, and simplicity of making and playing musical instruments, and hope to enrich their lives with an understanding of the importance and ease of creative expression. I seek to instill in the children a greater awareness of and respect for the many cultures of the world. By defining the diversity of these cultures, I believe we grow closer to seeing, learning, and understanding the vast similarities we inherit as individuals of this great Earth. Though my focus is on the beauty and art of musical instruments or the knowledge of Native philosophy, the message remains the same: by infusing the children’s lives with the richness and elegance of world music, or exploring what it means to live more fully and consciously, the children may come closer to understanding who they are, as individuals, and in relationship to a larger community. The cycle can then repeat itself: by understanding more of themselves, the students can see further into the world about them.