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Zacciah Blackburn has made and played bamboo flutes since 1974. In 1976, he began to make bamboo flutes for his livelihood, traveling to major regional and national craft fairs, art shows, and music festivals throughout the Northeast, South, and Midwest. He has created one of the widest assortment of wind instruments available in this country. He has displayed in galleries nationwide and won prizes for his creativity and quality of craftsmanship. Through his travels and independent studies, he has met numerous instrument makers and musicians of other cultures, learning about their music, instruments, and culture, as well as performing with them. He has acquired an extensive collection of musical instruments from different cultures. He has recorded and produced 2 audiocassette tapes of his original music. Since 1973, he has also studied Native American culture, learning independently and with traditional and non-traditional elders. In this time, he has also learned of his own Native heritage.

He has been a single parent since 1985, raising two children, one with severe developmental disabilities. He has also provided a home environment and self-care education for another young adult with developmental disabilities. In 1986 he began sharing his work as a volunteer in his children’s schools. Due to the popularity of his presentations on a small and local scale, he decided to expand and offer his educational programs to other Massachusetts district schools. Since that time he has developed and performed his World Music educational programs and his Native American Philosophy programs over 300 times in over 150 schools and institutions. He currently resides in Ascutney, Vermont.