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Where Do Our Musical Instruments Come From?

  • Format A: This is my original and most frequently presented program. I present over 80 wind, percussion, and string instruments of modern and indigenous cultures. I present a picture of how indigenous cultures might live, and how they have created simple musical instruments from materials that are everyday components of their lives and environs. Together, we explore how these instruments evolved into modern instruments we are more familiar with today. We explore varying aspects of tone and pitch of different instruments. I also demonstrate some of the basic wind instruments I have designed and created in my 20 years tenure as a flutemaker and make a simple flute, comparing it to others. I pass out percussion instruments and engage the children in simple songs or rhythmical exercises. Depending upon the age of the students, we discuss contemporary music and its current and historical relationship to indigenous cultures. Finally, I attempt to instill some insight into the nature of creative self-expression and its need and value for each of us.

  • Format B: This format is identical to Format A except that it focuses entirely on wind instruments and does not have a hands-on percussion component.

  • Format C: This format focuses entirely on percussion instruments (which includes some string instruments) and includes the hands-on component.

  • Program Length: Format A: 65-75 minutes; recommended. Formats B & C: Approx. 45 minutes.

  • Program Capacity: All formats: up to 120 students.

  • Program Cost: All formats: $--- for one program; $--- for each additional program in the same setting.  (Contact us for current costs)

  • Program Recommendation: All grades.