Music Programs

Zacciah presents a music education program. I have been a professional bamboo flutemaker since 1976, living in Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. In those years, I have learned a great deal about the art of flutemaking, the history and development of flutes and other woodwind instruments, and the musical instruments of other cultures. Through my desire to share my art and knowledge with my own children's classmates in pre-school and kindergarten, I began a number of years ago to develop and refine a program tailored to the needs of school-age children to learn more about their musical heritage and how it relates to the world around them.

   The programs have received nothing but strong praise for their content, and for my evident enthusiasm in the presentation, from staff (teachers and administrators alike, including music education teachers), from students, parents, cultural council members, and the press. Comments to me personally have ranged from the tiniest of children running up to me after a presentation spurting out, "I really like you and your instruments!", accompanied by a hug and a kiss on the cheek, to a teacher's remark, "This is absolutely the best program I have ever seen in this school (in 12 years)!", to a principal, "The sign of a good program is how well you hold the audience's attention, and you captivated the attention not only of the children, but of the staff as well!"

   You will find me amenable to working out a program to fit your specific needs or studies: for example, a smaller class-by-class presentation with more hands-on time and explanation of the instruments I bring, focus on African, Asian or Native American instruments to correspond to current studies, or a residency to build a more complex instrument or wind instruments with one or more classes. I am quite used to participating in the grant process, and I am more than happy to help with fundraising proposals wherever needed, as well as ideas for funding sources. The students I have worked with, and presented to, have given me some of the richest experiences of my professional career. I enjoy what I do. I hope we can find a way to share this experience with the children you serve. These programs continue to grow, from offering Native American flute making classes, to making and playing Australian didgeridoos; more and more of my over 3 decades of work with musical instruments is emerging in classrooms across the northeast, and the country. Ask us about these additional programs offerings not listed here.

Program I: Where Do Our Musical Instruments Come From?

Program II: Let's Make Music Together

Program III: The Medicine Wheel