Why Buy Crystal Singing Bowls From Us?

Sunreed Instruments has been involved in the crystal singing bowl industry for decades.  We have seen it grow tremendously, and are witnessing a new wave of interest in and ideas as to how to use these special bowls in the power of healing. We have found, that when it comes to buying crystal singing bowls, there are many options as to the types of bowls to use, and their inherent nature.  And, there are many ways in which we can use them in our healing practice, for self, or with others.  We are also witnessing a growing body of opinions on how the crystal bowls can or should be used.  And, in our vast experience, experience with the bowls is key to gain understanding which bowls will best suit our own wishes and needs in using them.  We are greatly experienced in the field.  And, primary to our work is to assist others in understanding differences in the bowls, their pitches and tonal variations, and the ways we can use them for our healing or wellness practice.  This gives you an excellent advantage in working with us on the right choice for bowls.  As, there is so much misinformation out there, and many suppliers who will not take the time to educate you in all the possibilities to help you find the right choice.     

Also, with a purchase from us, you can rest in the knowledge that the majority of your purchase goes towards a small local, community based business, and, our small-town Vermont families (like my son right here, who enjoys the bowls with me and my wife, regularly!  She also has studied in the sound healing field for years, and we incorporate our experiences with our family (2 boys,) regularly.  They think it’s awesome, and we can share some of those ways to work with your kids, too!  (???!!) =)  We are a service-oriented, small American business, devoted to conscientious life styles enveloped in our own spiritual evolution, insight, and wisdom, and offering opportunities to our community to explore this with us. We have quality, authentic experience in the nature and use of these bowls, in music and the making of musical instruments, and so much more in our lives and practice.  We have been making musical instruments since 1974.  We are actively working in service to humanity in the deepening fields of human evolution of consciousness, and the meditative and healing arts (this now repeats above…). We invest our lives in this work, and actively create community around it.  We are working professionals who have established expertise in the nature of pitch, tone and resonance, and how these qualities of the crystal bowls can affect the outcome of your practice with them.  And, we understand how to couple our practices with clear intentions and awareness that will enhance our practices even further.  And, we will share this level of understanding with you in the pursuit of the right crystal bowls for you, and their use in a sound healing practice.

If you are dealing with other companies overseas and many in the states, you may find them less expensive.  But, you may also find they do not adhere to the standards of quality of materials, pitch, matched tunings, tonal voice, and other qualities we pay close attention to.  There often is little or no opportunity to consult with them about the source or quality of their bowls, or how to use and select them.  They may not be experienced in music, and thus don’t understand that they are providing bowls not matched in pitch, or incremental in scale.  We have seen and heard many stories of the misrepresentation of the source or quality of the bowls, or the quality of their pitch or tone.

We devote hours each day to help our customers in this way.  In our years of service, we have seen an enormous influx of inferior bowls at minimum cost. You may save money.  We can’t match some of our competitors cost, but we will provide a product and level of service that is of the highest quality in this industry.  We purchase only from reputable suppliers and manufacturers, who guarantee the quality and pitch of the bowls we ask for, and have proven to us their reliability.  And, it is guaranteed.  We pass this guarantee on to you.

With just a phone call or email, we are able to provide to you with detailed information about the nature and use of the various crystal bowls, the various qualities of the different types of bowls, their pitch and resonance, and how that might affect you or your clients, their relationship to the chakras and other methodologies of using them for meditation or healing practices, whether for your personal use, or professional practice.  And, we can personally consult with you to insure you will find the one or more crystal bowls that you are actually looking for, and that will best serve your wishes and needs.  Often, this can be done through just a few simple questions.  Through this process, we, also, often save you money, because you discover you don’t really need a full set of bowls for how you hope to use them, for instance. We are experts in helping you select, even when you are confused or not sure what the best choice or choices may be.

Crystal bowl buying can be very complicated, especially for the beginner in the field.  But, also for therapeutic professionals who want to build on their current use, or incorporate other qualities or methodologies into their practice.  Our intent is to be of service you, to educate you where that is helpful, and to assist you in making the best choice.  And, once you understand the many ways you can use a bowl, this often means purchasing far fewer bowls than you may have thought you needed, or that others told you that you would need.  With simple understanding of the use of the bowls, you may indeed find you do not need so many.  Or, you may find that by working with 2 or 3 bowls, they create the platform of sound you were hoping to achieve, whether you were originally looking for one or 7.

There is a wealth of information, and misinformation about crystal bowls on the internet. People can and will say whatever they want.  They may have had an authentic experience with the bowls, yet think their experience is the only way the bowl should be used, and not realize the many different ways to use them.  Many people will repeat information or sources and stories they have heard that may not be valid, no matter how good they sound, without fact checking.  Our information, consultation, and educational services is based in over 40 years of experience in the field.  We speak from the heart, from our experience, as well as consultations with colleagues around the world, not just from what others tell us how we should use the bowls, or which pitch or frequency means or does what, or ‘must be’ used for a particular outcome. We find our power as healers and facilitators can easily outweigh what others say we ‘must’ use, if we simply understand how to use it.  Indeed, we find many who tell us we ‘must’ use certain bowls for certain purposes, or certain frequencies over others, often do not have adequate experience in the infinite possibilities of healing modalities available to us throughout the world.

We guarantee 100% that you will be satisfied with the quality and pitch of our bowls and chakra sets. We, also, understand, that by taking this extra time with you, you will in turn further the spiral of life through helping yourselves more fully, and helping others through your meditations & sound practices.  

We welcome you to enjoy our products, free consultations and educational and therapeutic services we offer!

I thank you for your time in reading this, and hope to hear from you soon for any of your needs. admin@sunreed.com – 802-674-9585

Jonathan Wood

Product Specialist

Sunreed Instruments