Sunreed Instruments' wide selection of Chinese Gongs. Chao gongs, wind gongs, bao gongs and tiger sound gongs.
Burnished Tibetan Hand Gong
Burnished Tibetan Hand Gong
Price: $275.00
Chao Gongs, quality gong with great build up and crash, perhaps the most popular type of gong in the world
Chao Gongs
Priced From: $41.00
 Wind Gongs
Wind Gongs
Priced From: $49.00
Bao Gongs, or nipple gong for producing bell like sounds
Bao Gongs
Priced From: $93.00
Tiger Sound Gong (Hu Yin Gong), gong with descending pitch in various sizes
Tiger Sound Gong (Hu Yin Gong)
Priced From: $70.00
This gong gift set includes a 22" chau gong, stand and mallet
Gong Gift Set
Price: $307.00