Sunreed Instruments' wide selection of Chinese Gongs. Chao gongs, wind gongs, bao gongs and tiger sound gongs.
Chao Gongs, quality gong with great build up and crash, perhaps the most popular type of gong in the world
Chao Gongs
Priced From: $41.00
 Wind Gongs
Wind Gongs
Priced From: $49.00
Bao Gongs, or nipple gong for producing bell like sounds
Bao Gongs
Priced From: $93.00
Tiger Sound Gong (Hu Yin Gong), gong with descending pitch in various sizes
Tiger Sound Gong (Hu Yin Gong)
Priced From: $70.00
This gong gift set includes a 22" chau gong, stand and mallet
Gong Gift Set
Price: $307.00