Crystal Clear Handle Bowls - Where to Begin

Crystal Clear Handle Bowls - Where to Begin, crystal handle bowl recommendation by sound healing experts
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With all of the wonderful Quartz Clear Crystal Handle Singing bowls, where do I begin?  Or, better, yet, what makes a good gift idea for those who have always wanted one? We can consult with you over all the choices, but we make this simple recommendation to help you make an easy decision: Feel free to call or email us. Zacciah has worked in the field of 'sound' since the 1970's. He suggests:

I am recommending a 7" C or D handle bowl with a case (black.)  These are One Piece Crystal Handle Bowls. C or D handle bowls are lower in tone which people generally enjoy. The 7 inch diameter is a good size for weight and for the strength of the sound.  List price would be $449.98 +  $89.98. for the case, total of $539.96. 

OUR SPECIAL, $499.96 + shipping, a savings of $40.

OR! for further savings, you can select from our current assortment of in special select handle bowls specially discounted.

For additional suggestions, schedule a time to speak with Zacciah about different bowls, harmonic interval sets, and more!  For an additional gift idea, give an hour of training in their use, for you or your loved one, with Zacciah, a specialist who has been in the field of sound healing since 1974.