Gift Ideas and Gift Sets

Share the joy of these special sounds with your friends and loved ones. Contact us for more ideas or help with your selections!
Sunreed Instruments Gift Cards, gift cards for holidays, birthdays and more
Sunreed Gift Cards
Priced From: $5.00
Crystal Singing Bowls - Where to Begin?, crystal bowl recommendations by sound healing experts
Crystal Singing Bowls - Where to Begin?
Priced From: $263.98
Crystal Clear Handle Bowls - Where to Begin, crystal handle bowl recommendation by sound healing experts
Crystal Clear Handle Bowls - Where to Begin
Price: $499.96
Handmade Musical Instruments For Children
Instruments For Children
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This tuning fork gift set includes two ohm tuning forks and two crystal attenuators
Tuning Fork Gift Set
Price: $240.00
sound healing mothers gift set, including frosted drum, rattle and bowl
Sound Healing Mothers Gift Set
Price: $205.00
Tibetan Singing Bowl Gift Set - Brass Dharma Wheel
Brass Tibetan Bowl Gift Set
Price: $65.00
Childrens & Pocket Flutes
Children's and Adult Pocket Flutes
Priced From: $40.00
this rattle gift set includes three types of shamanic rattles
Rattle Gift Set
Price: $120.00
432Hz Native American Style Flute, classic minor pentatonic design, made by master flutemaker
432Hz Native American Style Flute
Priced From: $149.00
This gong gift set includes a 22" chau gong, stand and mallet
Gong Gift Set
Price: $307.00
REMO Travel Percussion Kit, full of quality REMO products for shamanic drumming and more
REMO Travel Percussion Kit
Price: $298.35
this chime gift set includes our harmony ball chimes and koshi chimes
Chime Gift Set
Priced From: $160.00
Value Pack: Any 4 of Zacciah's CDs for $46
4 Gift Set of Zacciah's CD's
Price: $46.00
shamanic gift set with native american drum, beaters, rattles and more
Shamanic Gift Sets
Priced From: $257.40
Our special Native American Drum Gift Set, includes a Native American frame drum, beater, case and more.
Native American Drum Gift Set
Priced From: $264.60
Native American Style Flute Gift Set including a Native American style flute, book and case
Native American style Flute Gift Set
Priced From: $136.75
Zacciah's Sacred Oil Set, get the full experience of these powerful essential oils
Zacciah's Sacred Oil Set
Price: $50.00
Harmony Balls Gift Set, small hand held chime for sound healing
Harmony Balls Gift Set
Price: $106.00
Harmony Balls Small Gift Set
Harmony Balls Small Gift Set
Price: $73.00
Koshi Chime Set, full set of wind chimes, for relaxation and sound healing
Koshi Chimes Gift Set
Priced From: $149.90