Sunreeds Clear Path Tuning Fork Set

Sunreeds Clear Path Tuning Fork Set, tuning fork tuned to sacred geometry
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A New, Professional quality Weighted Tuning Fork Set

Sunreed Instruments offers its first tuning fork set constructed to its own frequency specifications.
Based on established work within the field of Sacred Geometries, the combined frequency of these tuning forks is said to 'dispel all non-beneficial energies' from within its vibrational field.

The forks have been used successfully for years in our practices to clear and align the biofield in humans and animals. 

Package includes two Tuning Forks in a handy protective soft cloth case. 

They are intended to be used only in conjuction with each other (both forks simultaneously.)  As they are weighted forks, they carry the vibrational tones more deeply into tissue and bone than non-weighted forks.  So, are intended primarily to be used by direct application of the base of the fork to the body in problematic areas.  They can be used to clear and harmonize specific regions of the body's biofield, or, to activate as a 'drain' to draw energy out of the field, at the base of the spine or feet, as an example.

These forks come in their own soft cloth carry case.

To enhance their effect, use them with our Crystal Attenuators!