Soft Bear Fur Drum Beater

Bear Fur Drum Beater
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Soft Bear Fur Drum Beater: Bear Fur Drum Beater
Soft Bear Fur Drum Beater: Bear Fur Drum Beater

Sunreed occasionally can offer these rare bear fur drum beaters.  These beaters add an even more refined quality of voice to your drum.  The soft padding of the fur allows a yet even more softer, richer, fuller voice to rise from your drum.  The fur has the added bonus of a gentle 'swoosh' of the fur striking the drum, which gives a unique voice to your drum playing, and a most unique affect to the listener, whether that is you, by yourself or in practice with others. 

Even as bear is medicine of the heart, it opens the heart through the voice of the bear in unison with the drum.  It is understood that the striking of the drum, in general, with any beater is the union of male & female principles of the universe, (the beater, the male activating principle, and, the drum, representing the great circle of life.)   When struck together, this is an act of creation, and why drumming, from the shamanic and indigenous perspective, is a sacred act of great joy and beauty.

The beaters are roughly 18 inches in length. These are hand made products, and will, also, vary in appearance, size and color of fur, etc.