Recommended Products

Here at Sunreed Instruments we have, and are, putting together our most top rated items for you and your loved ones to use in meditation. These are the items we would use ourself. If you have any questions or need help please contact us.
Beautiful Native American drums, traditional and handmade in the United States.  Made in ceremony with sacred prayers.
Native American Frame Drums
Priced From: $60.00
Sunreed's special made soft beater
Sunreed Special Soft Beater
Priced From: $24.00
Bear Fur Drum Beater
Soft Bear Fur Drum Beater
Price: $80.00
Harmonic Chord Crystal BowlSets
Harmonic Chord Crystal Bowl Sets
Priced From: $400.00
Binaural Theta and Alpha Wave Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Sets
Binaural Beat Repatterning Sets!!
Priced From: $420.00
minor pentatonic scale crystal bowl sets
Minor Pentatonic Crystal Bowl Sets
Priced From: $1,350.00
Chakra Clear Handle Bowl Set, handle bowls set, tuned to each chakra
Rainbow, 432hz or 440hz Perfect Pitch 8 Bowl Handle Bowl Set
Priced From: $2,400.00
Koshi Chime Set, full set of wind chimes, for relaxation and sound healing
Koshi Chimes
Priced From: $74.95
Quartz Crystal Harp, playing in the key of C, harmoniously in the 5th octave
Crystal Harp
Priced From: $599.98
Aromatic Cedar Style Love Flutes
Aromatic Cedar Love Flutes
Priced From: $149.00
432Hz Native American Style Flute, classic minor pentatonic design, made by master flutemaker
432Hz Native American Style Flute
Priced From: $149.00
Body Tuners Beginner's Set, C and G perfect fifth tuning forks for automatic body relaxation
Body Tuners Beginner's Set
Price: $55.00
Sunreeds Clear Path Tuning Fork Set, tuning fork tuned to sacred geometry
Sunreeds Clear Path Tuning Fork Set
Price: $95.00
Ohm Octave Tuning Fork Set, mid and low ohm tuning forks to make a full octave of ohm
Ohm Octave Tuning Fork Set
Price: $120.00
Large Sunreeds Tuning Fork Crystal Foot Attenuaters for better transferring of tuning fork vibration into skin.
Large Sunreeds Tuning Fork Crystal Foot Attenuaters
Priced From: $95.00
This gong gift set includes a 22" chau gong, stand and mallet
Gong Gift Set
Price: $307.00
tuned rattles for harmonic resonance
Harmonic Tuned Rattles
Price: $60.00
Handmade Nativer American rattles/shakers, also known as Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles
Bear, Buffalo, Moose and Elk Medicine Rattles
Priced From: $62.00
Shell Rattle, beautiful and simple shamanic rattle for prayer, meditation and ritual
Shell Rattle
Price: $30.00