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Selecting A Crystal Bowl By Size

In general, most people will be very happy with the pitch, and voice (quality of sound,) of a 10-14” Frosted Bowl, or 6-8” Handle Bowl. You can select a fairly wide range of pitches within this range of bowl types and sizes. These will fall in the range of an “A” below middle C, to a “G” above middle C. (Smaller hands will want only a 6” or 7” handle bowl, due to weight of the bowl, as you have to hold it. The Frosted Bowls sit on a table or floor surface, so this is not an issue with them.)   Also, every pitch is never available in every size of bowl.

The Solid Handle Bowls are constructed with a solid quartz/glass handle. We find the 6”, or larger, Handle Bowls, consistently have the best resonant qualities. Most adults can easily play a 5, 6, or 7” Handle Bowl. The 8 and 9” bowls are heavier, and harder to hold for extended playing. We tend to recommend these only for larger, or more solid frame individuals, for this reason.

How to Select a Crystal Bowl

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