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Shaman Drums

In every culture and on every continent ...the drum is or has been used for sacred ceremony. Shamans of every tribe have used the drum in ceremony, for healing, and for journeying. We recommend three options for your shamanic drum:

1.  Our Traditional Native American Drums-the perfect drum for Shamanic journeying and Shamanic work.  A natural skin drum made in ceremony with prayers holding all of the medicine of the animal.

2.  The Remo Buffalo Drum-holds its tone in all weather due to its Fiberskyn drumhead. You can play Remo’s Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great.

3.  Our Simple Frame Drum from Pakistan-Sunreed's inexpensive alternative.  These drums have a fabulous voice!!!  Made from goatskin and have a fixed drumhead.  Available from 12" to 30", the larger the drum the bigger the voice.