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Can I Play any of Sunreed's Wind Instruments?

Can I play any of the instruments? What about hand stretch?

The flute is a rarely easy instrument to play, but does take some practice for a new player to learn. The shakuhachi is especially difficult to learn. The Native American flute is one of the easiest of all flutes to play, as is the penny whistle. The sax and clarinet are fairly easy, also, though some have trouble learning the placement of the reed in their mouth...once they get the right placement, and blow hard enough, most people find these fairly easy to play. The clarinet is a little more awkward, requiring all ten fingers to play. Once you get a sound out of any instrument, the next biggest problem is placing the fingers accurately over the holes. You want to find an instrument that fits your hand. The tenor and bass are large instruments. Most players cannot play these. The alto is good for most players, unless the person has very small hands. You can precheck with measurements we offer, which show where the finger holes are placed, on average, to give a sense of how large the stretch is. The midsize, traditional, or soprano sizes fit most grown hands. Children will usually want to play the smaller sizes, especially the soprano. Some adults will find the soprano Cor D too small for a comfortable fit. The pentatonic scale instruments (some alto/bass flutes as listed, Native American flutes, shakuhachi, and baritone sax,) have only 4 or 5 holes, and are much easier to play a larger instrument.