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Special Care for Your Sunreed Clarinet

Our bamboo clarinet is a unique instrument, fashioned after Art DuPre’s bamboo clarinets of the 1970-80’s. In the late 70’s, experimenting with Art’s design, we came up with the unique application of providing a true modern clarinet mouthpiece to his basic bamboo clarinet design. From this, we later created the bamboo saxophone. If your bamboo clarinet is fitted with a removable mouthpiece, we must warn you of the fragile nature of this fitting. (Not all of our clarinets have this quality.) Proper removal and replacement of the mouthpiece may be made innumerable times with no damage to the clarinet. However, too much pressure, twisting harshly, or bending the mouthpiece out of line with the alignment of the clarinet, or trying to force another mouthpiece that is slightly larger into the fitting can cause damage to the instrument. We advise extreme caution in removing or replacing this mouthpiece, until you get used to it’s nature. Various manufacturers may use slightly different standards in creating the diameter of the final corking on their mouthpieces. For hardwood or plastic clarinets, this rarely presents a problem. But, bamboo is a softer wood and can be damaged by forcing a slightly different diameter mouthpiece into the fitting. Get used to the amount of pressure used to move this mouthpiece in and out of it’s fitting, and do so cautiously. If another mouthpiece feels more tight, we do not recommend using additional pressure to try to force it in place. We cannot extend our warranty on this instrument to your use of another mouthpiece which we have not fitted to the instrument. While the vast majority of mouthpieces will fit amicably into this mouthpiece fitting, some will not, and you must use your own discretion in doing so. We ask that you take full responsibility for any damage caused by trying to use a tighter fitting mouthpiece. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.