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Feedback Regarding Our Products

Yesterday the Drum arrived. I slowly unwrapped it and admired its beauty looking for special marks . I lit a candle and smudged it .The ceremony began. Its voice filled my heart with gratitude and awe. During drumming many faces appeared on its surface but one of a sleeping woman persisted the most and then it took the figure of a grandmother. I wrapped it in a special cloth I use for space clearings and it rests now in my Helpful People Gua of my room. This morning I woke up in rolling thunder. It felt and sounded like a heard of Buffalos running wild. I listened as they were going in the distance. I know they came to visit . Thank you for listening. I wanted to share this with you as a token of my gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful ,loving Drum and for all the synchronicity happening in my life since we first made contact. Thank you and many Blessings, C.
Hey, Thanks for the excellent drum and for the great service. Everything arrived quickly, and I am really happy with the quality of the drum. I've been using it for meditation and drum massage, and I'm really happy with it. I was also impressed that you had the integrity to refund the excess shipping charge. I don't think that I've ever had an on-line retailer do that! Keep up the great work. I'll definitely order more instruments from you, and will tell my friends about you!

Received my bowl yesterday in excellent condition! Sounds great, many thanks, will definitely be a repeat customer!
Steve C.
I'm very happy to inform you that the ordered didgeridoo arrived today at Frankfurt/Germany. I wish you merry Xmas and a wonderful new year. Thousand thanks once again
_BC, Germany
I just wanted to let you know that the Didge you made for me was STUNNING! Better than I could have imagined. And the very special person I gave it to for Christmas was thrilled (which was what I was going for!), albeit a little light HEADED after playing it for a while. Just added to our sense of mysticism! I will happily send any and ALL Didge biz your way! Thank you very much. You helped make our Christmas special. Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year.
Warmly, P.
Zacciah: Many thanks for your prompt response. I really do appreciate your getting back to me with your valuable information. You make fine instruments and in fact, two of my friends, after seeing my saxes have purchased them from you as well. ...one... is a saxophone player. He says that the sound he gets from your inexpensive bamboo sax is "nothing short of amazing." Have a great day!
Mike D
Zacciah - THANK YOU !!! The "didg" was a hit. He has not put it down since Christmas.` &person=`Sincerely, Jennifer C`
Zacciah: Wow! Many thanks for the great information and transposition lesson. I really appreciate your interest and generosity in helping me to get more out of your fine instruments. You are a great person and I wish there were more of you out in this cold, hard world we live in! Again, my sincere appreciation.
Mike D.
Zacciah, The instruments arrived Saturday at the local post office and I was able to pick them up yesterday morning. They are beautiful and the workmanship is great. Thanks very much.
Ed B
Hi Zacciah, I received the sax yesterday and within a couple of tries was able to do the scale. Neat instrument. I'll probably be in contact with you for other instruments.
Got your flutes saturday just after talking to you. TOO COOL! LOVE THEM! WELL DONE! Looks like I will be buying many more.Thanks so much.
Mark S.
I marvel at your celerity. and I _love_ my G bamboo six-hole flute. The ability to take my penny-whistle fingering for a stroll in a new area has made the winter here less gray... I've spent far more money and gotten far less service from a business, never mind the joy from the product. (Whoever had their day brightened by having their transmission rebuilt?)
Dear Zacciah: I really love my new instruments, especially the flute. That thing sounds GREAT! I enjoy the flute because of the 2 octaves. The didg is so COOL! It has a nice fragrance. Thanks again.
Dear Zacciah; Just thought I'd drop a line to let you know that my bowl arrived safely. It sounds wonderful and sings longer than any of my other bowls. I'm very happy with it. Thanks a million
I ordered an alto bamboo sax from you last month. It arrived at my door exactly one week later. I've been meaning to write to you ever since. I'm very happy with the instrument and I was very happy with the service. You were very prompt answering all my questions via email. As soon as I master the sax I think I might try a bamboo flute next. But one thing at a time.
DS Alberta, Canada
thank you for your honesty and commitment to quality. i am anxious of course but i know my patience will be rewarded with a treasured instrument. take care of yourself
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!
VF Dominican Republic
Zacciah, Received my instruments today. They are beautiful ! It may sound weird , but I feel I connected with them immediately. I find the shak easier, but then I've only had them half a day. Thank you again , and a couple of years down the road, if my bamboo attains size, I may ask you to make me a special instrument from my own grove.
Zacciah, The instruments arrived Wednesday and are beautiful. Many thanks for your help.
Best, J
Zacciah, No problem and thanks for being so prompt in sending the instrument. It arrived today. Cheers,
(I'm always happy to hear when instrument makers are busy - that means people appreciate their work!)
Music of Angels - I have listened to your tape over and over - especially at night. It is the most healing, soothing music that I think I have encountered. I can tell that was composed thru some type of divine guidance or revelation. There is such depth and beauty as well as rhythm and resonance to the notes. I have to tell you - it cleared my head in many ways and I actually felt like I was soaring in a couple of places. Thank you for such a wonderful gift and thank you for contributing your talent and kindness to the rest of this world. I am honored to know you.
Zacciah -- Wow -- Right on. Love your website -- will no doubt be a customer again soon.
The flute arrived in fine shape and is very nice; I'm pleased. In the 2 or 3 minutes I had before running off to the train I tootled a note or two, with success! So I'm looking forward to the struggle to learn to play this wonderful instrument in some little way. Good luck in your business, and thanks for making a nice shakuhachi for me.
Hi Zacciah, Got the bowl yesterday when I got home from work. It's wonderful....the resonance just goes on and on and on. Very pleased and the packing was perfect...not a scratch. Thanks.
HI, The bowl arrived and it is a wonder. All the Tibetan bowls, tingshaws, etc. that I've ever been attracted to are B, and here is this clear SONG of a B making the whole house shake.Wow.
M (14" bowl)
Zacciah: I got the order today. What beautiful instruments. First, with the sax, the tone is wonderful; far more full that I had hoped for. The Shakuhachi, I can tell, will be a great and welcome challenge. I've only managed a good tone a couple of brief times today, and I liked what I heard...
Hi Zacciah, I received my drum yesterday and it's beautiful and the tone is lovely. I'm super happy with the drum...it's gorgeous! Thanks,
thanks for the extra effort - it came in the mail today. What a beautiful piece! It has a lot a volume and warmth in the low octave, and the intonation seems quite good. thanks again,