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School Of Sound Healing - Ottawa - 2017/2018

School of Sound Healing with The Center of Light. Full Year Training in Sound Therapy.
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 The Center of Light School of Sound Healing Presents:
Level 1, Sound Healing Training Certificate Program

More Information HERE at The Center Of Light

LEVEL I, 1st Year Training: This program is currently offered over the course of 8 months to a years time. The program occurs within four modules, each four days long, happening once every 2-3 months. Some stand alone portions of these programs are available occasionally in other regions of the country, and internationally. We currently require participation in the whole first year of the program in order to attend. If you would like to see what Zacciah's methoda are like look to introductory programs such as the 6 day stand alone introductory programming happening in September, 2017. We are also looking into webinars, as well do one-on-one professional development and therapies. We recommend participation in all trainings for the best and most complete understanding of the nature, use and application of sound therapies. Please read on for general information about Level 1, or scroll further down to see the content of each module, or further to see current logistical information and cost. Our facilitator, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, offers a unique understanding, depth, and application of sound work. The program offers 140 hours of training in the first year. We know of no other program on the East Coast with this level of expertise in all areas covered, and none anywhere which provide such an in depth study of sound as a therapeutic application for clinical practice. We will be guided through the process of how sound is used, and what the process of healing is, in oneself and others. We offer the fundamental understanding that the pathway to becoming a healer is the pathway of one's own healing. Thus, we will explore the internal and external dimensions of healing, in ourselves, and in others. We will be given the opportunity to enter and further this path of understanding wherever we are upon it, through practical application. And, we will be given the opportunity to explore how the appropriate and skilled use of Sacred Sound can bridge consciousness into unseen dimensions of experience and understanding. The focus is upon practitioner training, but it cannot come without personal experience and understanding. While Zacciah is an excellent experienced facilitator and educator, he believes we are our own best teachers.

No prior experience is necessary to fully participate in these classes. Intuitive sound healing is a process principally of the heart. No prior vocal or instrumental training of any kind is necessary to participate fully. The classes are appropriate for novice and practitioner, for those whom wish to learn or improve their meditational skills, their practitioner skills, experience healing, and how to heal, in a fundamental, yet potentially profound manner, and those who wish to build community. Skilled practitioners will find moving information, and compelling exercises, to further their practice. Novices will find skilled assistance in comprehending, experiencing, and utilizing skills offered. We are each contributors to this process, in each training. What we bring with us, and how deeply we are willing to be present, to be available, and to explore, will bridge the potential to our own infinite understanding.