Sunreed Special Purple Crystal Singing Bowl Carrying Case 8"-14"

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This is our special purple singing bowl case. It is made out of heavy duty fiber on the outside, almost sturdy enough to be called a "hard" case. The inside is thickly padded to snuggly fit your crystal bowl. This is the highest quality crystal bowl case we have ever found, available for bowls between 8 and 14 inches in diameter. Since this is a sturdy case, if you have an odd sized bowl (ex. 9", 11"), you will as well want to purchase an special insert for the case, found on the previous page.

If we wanted to charge true retail for these cases we would charge $224 for the 14", down to $154 for the 8", however in order to make these more accessible we have lowered the cost and given that profit back to the customer.