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Northwest Native American Drum Gift Set

Our NorthWest Native American Drum Gift set includes a traditionally made 16" Elkskin Native American drum, drum beater, drum carrying case, Shamanic Drumming instructional book, and sage stick.  This is the perfect gift for the one in your family seeking a special meditative or ceremonial tool.  We especially recommend the 16" for smaller framed individuals, including most women.  It's weight and size are a perfect match!  For most men, we might recommend the deeper and slightly larger 18" drum.  If you wish to select the 18" drum, it will add $20. to cost;  simply select this gift idea, and, put "18" drum set" in the "Special Instructions" box near the end of check out.  We will manually adjust the order for you!  (or, go to Gift Certificates and add $20. to the order for the 18" drum.)

We have MANY NEW types of drum hides to choose from, now, such as Buffalo, Moose, Horse, or cow.  (But, these are not included in this special.)