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Japanese Temple Altar Gongs

Japanese Temple Altar Gong
Japanese Temple Altar Gong

Japanese Temple Altar Gong

Our Japanese Temple Altar Gong has a beautiful glossy black patina surface inside and out, with a bright golden rim.   Each bowl is machine made  with tightly spaced precise hammered marks. These bowls are traditionally used in Japanese temples for Zen meditation and are meant to be gonged. This bowl actually sings with with the suede and wood striker included with the bowl.  Relaxing, meditative voice with no shrill overtones.  Includes a free cushion and two mallets. Our Japanese style Temple Gongs are the same as used in temples all over Japan today. Currently Japan imports these from Wuhan China where the gongs are made. 9 in diameter with 8" rim, 6.75" high  Regular Price $229 save 10%