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Tuning Fork Books, DVDs, and Accessories

Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks by John Beaulieu

Human Tuning articulates some of the essential parts of Dr. John Beaulieu's  vision in a coherent readable way and presents a simple, effective way to implement using tuning forks. Tuning forks have been a staple of healing  for a long time, but this book takes the reader to  a whole new level. An important section describes the effect of tuning on nitric oxide release at the cellular level. Dr. Beaulieu collaborated with scientists to publish research in "Medical Science Monitor". On page 55 he writes: Research suggests that vibration transferred to neuronal, endothelial, and immune cells through tuning forks stimulates nitric oxide, and sets off a cascading of physiological events which directly influences our health, well-being, state of mind, and consciousness. By understanding nitric oxide, we can establish a scientific link between molecular science, medicine, and sound healing.

The book is loaded with lots of great techniques for using tuning forks and tips for selecting which to use. Great for novices and veterans alike. John Beaulieu is clearly in the avant garde of healing research and theory. His vision takes us boldly in the direction of health creation and away from dependence on harmful chemicals. He empowers every person to become the primary force in their own healing.


Music and Sound in the Healing Arts by John Beaulieu

Explore the history and practice of sound healing from ancient philosophies to practical applications in therapy, religion and art in this pioneering, bestselling work by Dr. John Beaulieu. Ideal for students, teachers, musicians, therapists and all those interested in sound healing, Music & Sound in the Healing Arts will teach you how sound impacts your mind and body, and expand your level of consciousness and understanding of sound and music in your life for personal growth and healing.

Benefits: Learn how sound impacts your mind and body, Understand the practice of sound healing therapies, Expand your level of consciousness of sound and music for personal growth and healing.


Water Sound Images by Don Campbell

This collection of awe-inspiring images by photographer and researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser, sheds new light on the famous sand figures of Ernst Chladni, which fascinated Napoleon at the turn of the 19th Century, and Dr. Hans Jenny’s Cymatic sound forms of the 1950′s and 60′s creating a new scientific art form for the 21st Century. Projecting audible sound frequencies into small samples of water, delicate harmonic patterns emerge, whose structures mirror those found throughout the natural world? from single-celled sea creatures to the formation of galaxies. Lauterwasser has penetrated the invisible world of vibration’s subtle influences to reveal the universality underlying the multiplicity of form and function. Drawing upon classical literature and the world’s Wisdom Traditions, he has made these images comprehensible and relevant to all who wish to look deeply, and listen. This is a 176 page hardcover edition with hundreds of color photos, presenting the art, science and mystical side of Cymatics.


Cymatics by Hans Jenny

In this groundbreaking classic by Dr. Hans Jenny, you’ll learn how audible sounds structure matter and experience an array of stunning, full-color images reflecting a variety of patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. Deepen your understanding of sound in this comprehensive work portraying experiments using audible sound to excite powders, pastes and liquids into life-like, flowing forms. These pages illumine the very principles which inspired the ancient Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Plato, and cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler.

Planetary Tuner DVD

The Planetary Tuner DVD/video demonstrates how each planet generates sound and how we receive those sounds via cranial resonance. It then shows how we can use Planetary Tuning forks to align ourselves to the energy of a specific planet and activate the qualities associated with that planet.

Dr. Beaulieu demonstrates a practical system of how Planetary Tuner?s can be placed on the spinal vertebra based on the Zodiac resonance to effect healing. He also explains special alchemical placements for transformation of consciousness.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks DVD

In this comprehensive “how-to” DVD, you’ll learn to use BioSonic tuning forks for your own personal use and in clinical practice. With easy-to-follow explanations of the science behind tuning forks, this video will expand your understanding of sound healing. Dr. Beaulieu also discusses and demonstrates the use of tuning forks in clinical practice. Topics include: Pythagorean intervals related to spirals and stillpoints Creating a tuning fork session Methods of sounding tuning forks