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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our Tibetan hand hammered singing bowls are up to 250 years old and come unpolished in their original form with superb hammer marks visible and a great smooth patina. These bowls are all from the Himalayas regions near Tibet. They've been used in Tibetan Buddhist mediation over the years. Each bowl is hand selected for its tone, size, and quality. It has a wonderful tone that carries for a very long time. The multi-layered tone of these bowls lasts as long as 3 minutes! Singing Bowls were brought to Tibet from India along with the teachings of Lord Buddha. Most people use these bowls for Buddhist spiritual meditation or to create a great art or conversation piece. Hand made in a wonderful combination of 7 different metals which create 7 different distinct tones. According to tradition, the seven metals correspond with each of the planets, gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for well, Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn. 

Though no scientific research is yet available, there are many anecdotal reports of diseases being healed through the use of Tibetan bowls. People report long-held pains and congestion vanishing, and, in some cases, tumors have appeared to dissolve and pass through the system. Bones are said to knit more quickly, and people with back pain in particular seem to benefit. Many people use the bowls and bells to bring about a state of calmness when receiving medical treatments. Small Tibetian bowls can be placed and sounded directly on one's chakras and body parts. Gently and steadily rubbing wooden mallets along the rims of these sacred instruments produces tones and overtones that harmonize with angelic beings and deity realms. Bowls can also be used on the body, in patterns around the auric field, on the chakras, or in healing spirals. They can be used for shamanic journeying, or simply to transport one's consciousness to another place.  Our Tibetan Singing Bowl includes wooden beater and cushion.

Tibetan Singing Bowls
SizeTibetan Singing Bowl
4 1/2"
6 1/2"
7 1/2"
10 1/2"
11 3/4"
12 1/2"
16 1/2"