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Peruvian Rattles

Rattles from Peru. Rich with the rhythms and traditions of an indiginous culture.

Peruvian Humingbird Rattle

Peruvian Hummingbird Rattle
Peruvian Hummingbird Rattle

Peruvian Gourd Hummingbird Rattle.  Other side has another image, such as flower, condor, or eagle.  (Varies by what is in stock.) .Our ceremonial rattle is handcrafted deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru from native gourds and the durable wood of the chonta tree. The images are etched into the surface and represent the beauty and wisdom of the hummingbird. On the reverse side is an equally beautiful image of a flower. The chonta wood handle is embellished with colorful cotton thread windings and the molted feathers of Amazon birds. Each rattle has it own sound and is a unique piece of art. Your rattle may differ slightly from the photo shown.


Small Seed Rattle

Small Seed Pod Rattle
Small Seed Pod Rattle

Our small seed pod rattle is a wonderful choice for a small rattle. Made in Peru. Has a lovely voice.