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Sunreed's Native American Pow Wow Drums

Sunreed's Pow Wow Drum with Buffalo Hide

Sunreed's  Pow Wow Drums are fine quality pow wow drums, with deep, rich voices. These drums are created with prayerful intention, and handmade, authentically, by our Native American, NW tribal member, drum maker. Our  Drum Maker handpicks the hides for each drum. Our Pow Wow Drums are available in Buffalo, Moose, Horse, Texas Steer, and Elk skin. The pow wow frame is made from maple. The Hanging Drum Stand and pow wow beaters (drum sticks) are additional. The drums are available in many sizes.  See our regular frame drum page for information on the qualities and medicines of various hides.

In general, a drum with a greater depth will have a deeper voice, if the widths are close together.  Thus, a 24x14" drum is usually deeper voiced than a 26x12" drum.

In general, Moose is a thicker hide with the deepest voice.  This would be followed by Buffalo and Steer.  Moose and Buffalo, especially will have a darker tone to their skin color as well.  Steer is often bleached white.

We work regularly, ceremonially, with these wonderful drums.  You will find them well suited to your traditional uses. 

Tribal members and associations receive a 10% discount upon verification of their affiliation, out of respect and support for your cultural heritage.  This will be applied after completion of the order.  The order will will not be charged until we have updated your order status.  The discount is not applied in relation to any other discounts.

Sunreed's Native American Pow Wow Drums
SizeElkskin NW Pow Wow Buffalo NW Pow Wow Drum Moose NW Pow Wow DrumTexas Steer NW Pow Wow Drum
24" x 9"
24" x 12"
24" x 14"
26" x 12"
28" x 12"
30" x 14"
32" x 14"
34" x 14"
36" x 14"