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Bear Medicine Drum Special

The special gift of Bear Medicine, available in our traditionally Native made drums, rattles, beaters, and more!  Details


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Painted Native American Drums


Our Native American Drums are made with traditional materials, prayers, and ceremony.
Our drum makers and other artists we work with can provide enrichment to your drum through a variety of painted symbols and images.
Below are links to our various artists, with multiple painted possibilities.  Some of our artists can paint images of your submission on your drum, highly personalizing it.  However, the original drum maker will only paint on their products.

Our independent artist, Dorothy Stone, can paint any images in her pages on any of our frame drums, including all Native American Drums, and Remo and "Shaman Drums", as well as the images or ideas you submit for commission, which may vary in cost depending on complexity and size.

Simply add any of the painted images to your shopping cart when ordering.  The costs will be added to the drum of your choice, keeping in mind, if it is a "Sunreed" image, an "Apache" or "Salish" image, those can only be made on drums from that maker.