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Harmonic Chord Crystal Bowl Sets

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls set to harmonic chords for a beautifully synchronous and wonderful tone, bringing both pleasure and relaxation.  Details


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Sunreed's Traditional Native American Drums

Our best selling Native American Drum.  Our traditional Native American drums are handcrafted by a traditional Native American tribal member from the American North West who also handcrafts our Pow Wow Drums, Sweat Lodge Drums, and Native Drum Kits. Each of our Native drums is made in the traditional manner with ceremony and in prayer. Our Native Indian drums are excellent choices for Shamanic Journeying, Meditation, Drum Circles, and Ceremony. "I have received the drum. It is absolutely gorgeous and the sound is fantastic!! Thank you so very much for everything."  DK

Zacciah Blackburn, Master Sound Healer and Shamanic Teacher demonstrates how to choose a Native American Drum.  Zacciah explains the difference in drum sizes and skins. Also, he discusses how to care for a Native American Drum.

The Native American Drum, also known as a Hoop Drum, Indian Drum, Frame Drum, and Shaman Drum are made from natural animal skins including elk, buffalo, horse, cow, deer, and moose.  Please see our Medicine Drums for drums in different types of hides.  We have many sizes available from 10" to 24" round and 8 sided --octagonal drums from 13" to 17" in diameter.  Our octagonal drums are made with a cedar frame. 

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in a Native American Drum or Pow Wow Drum, please contact us ...we will have your special drum made specifically for you. info@sunreed.com