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Drumming CDs

Prayer to the Mystery

Prayer to the Mystery by Little Wolf

If you think there is nothing new in Native American fusion music, you haven’t heard Little Wolf, an ensemble founded by Jim Wilson. Exploring a merging of elements from contemporary electronica and traditional Native American music, this music is true to its roots while introducing a fresh element and a modern-world feel. Both those who like Native American music, and those who simply like to chill-out, will find this album appealing, which has the added benefit of introducing traditional chants, drum rhythms, and flute melodies to an untapped audience. Guest vocalists include the top-notch talents of Verdell Primeaux and Joanne Shenandoah.


Desert Song

Desert Song by Yolanda Martinez

A powerful CD of Yolanda's strong voice doing beautiful chants in English, for everyone to understand. Beautiful rhythms with Hand Drums, Ceremonial Drums, Rattles, Bells along with wonderful harmonies to enchant your day. Yolanda introduces and tells the story as to how her songs came to her. includes: Mother I Feel You, Cedar Song, Path of Beauty, Blessing of the Land, Spirit of the Wind, Ancient Mother, Buffalo Woman is Calling, and more.


Come To Me Great Mystery

Come to Me Great Mystery is the winner of the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album. Producer Tom Wasinger was honored with the prestigious award on February 9 in Los Angeles. Come to Me Great Mystery is a collection of traditional Native American songs intended to heal the body and spirit. Each song has a profound depth and beauty which invokes a compassionate and mystical presence with instrumentation by Grammy winning producer Tom Wasinger. You can feel this CD in your bones.

Drumming up Diva

Drumming up Diva by Christine Stevens

Drumming is an ancient tool for empowering women; a sacred method to access the voice of creativity and strength within your soul. Women were the FIRST drummers and today, women of all ages, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, are continuing the beat! Play-a-long with this CD or use it for a women's gathering to REMEMBER your true power and revive your spirit. Sing the chants, dance the dance, and drum the rhythm of your heart today! –Drum on Sisters!



Drum! by Christine Stevens

We believe that everyone is born a rhythmical being. As children, we loved to bang on pots and pans. Clap our hands. Explore the world of sound and rhythm everyday.There is musical spirit waiting to be re-discovered in you.To rejuvenate your spirit.To let off steam.