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Maple Shakuhachi

Maple Shakuhachi
Maple Shakuhachi

These traditional Japanese musical instruments are made of select maple rather than conventional bamboo, by Zen-On, known for years for their fine acoustics in recorders and other wooden products. The use of wood makes it possible to get the most acoustically ideal bore without being subject to the shape of natural bamboo. These fine shakuhachi have the endorsement of such highly respected players as Katsuya Yokoyama and Hozan Yamamoto. This instrument is tuned to the pentatonic scale in the key of D with a Kinko mouthpiece


Available in Models:

10-K16-5  Key of D, Shorter length, 5 tone holes, mouthpiece cap included.

10-K18-5  Key of D, pentatonic, Standard length, 5 tone holes, mouthpiece cap included. Standard 1.8 length

10-K18-7  Key of D, pentatonic, with additional holes for half steps in first and fourth increments. Standard length, 7 tone holes, mouthpiece cap included. Standard 1.8 length

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